Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in Eastren Kentucky!

Here we are at that time of year were our hearts are pounding and our nerves are frayed. Parents and children red faced from the cold wrapping packages full of hopeful promise. That's what the world see's at this time among other corny expectations like a red suited man who rides around on a reindeer driven sleigh spreading joy and cheer by the toss of his white gloved hand (creepy if you ask me). There's another Christmas going on in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky though a slight different view on this time of the year, it may not match up to others so called standards but equally as impressive. You see our source of income and revenue is being threatened and our Christmas isn't going to be about the newest Xboxes and  IPhones our Christmas is going to be about love, family, Devotion, and the main reason for the season JESUS CHRIST's birthday. Picture it a family of five who are used to an mid level annual income is sitting down at a sparse table on Christmas Day but are they broken hearted, are they crying, are they fighting? No they are holding hands to pray to the LORD that they know will send miracles. Their three children who awoke on Christmas morning to the one present apiece (which are clothes to keep them warm) are smiling and passing the warm bread their Mother made with the ham that the church had given the family earlier in the week. Meanwhile cut to Washington where is our "faithful" president (and I use the term loosely) oh that's right living it up in Hawaii with his wife and two daughters. As the good people of Eastern Kentucky try to pull their lives back together after losing jobs, homes, and almost all their possessions do they once show failure? NO! We stand strong and begin to move on. So I say America take a look at the president you elected and not at us so called country folk, because I guarantee that when this country crashes down and with this leadership it will, us "country folk" will survive and it will be our help you shall be in need of.